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Being Chased by Dogs in Thailand? How to Flee Them?

For ones who are living in Thailand, or who have lived in Thailand, you might have experienced being chased by dogs, especially stray dogs. Or even worse, some of you might have been bitten by those dogs, which is a very fearsome experience. Bitten by dogs is considered very bad for you as it can cause rabies, which now it still cannot be cured if it reaches a specific stage. So, here are tips for fleeing those dogs in Thailand and what to do if you are bitten by them.

Do Not Let Them Know You are Afraid

Some might think that it is very hard for them to keep their emotions and not show it. But as you express your fear to those dogs, they will know you are in fear and with their hunter’s instinct, they are ready to attack you and chase you down. But it does not mean that you have to do everything not to make you fear them. Sometimes you can fear them, but you are only suggested that you should not express your fear in front of them, especially screaming or running away from them.

Do Not Run Away from Them

You might think that this is not a bright idea. But as dogs have their hunter’s instinct, running away from them will awaken their instinct of the hunter, making them chase you and bite you. So, if you encounter dogs in the street and they look like they will bite you, keep cool and walk through them slowly. By doing this, you would likely be successful passing them by safely.

Shout it out Loud

If you have no choice as the dogs nearly bite you, you should shout it out loud by shouting words like ‘Go!’ and ‘No!’ to make them walk away from you. But you have to make sure that your voice is loud and clear enough to make them fear you, even for a moment. And as said before, do not let them know you are in fear. Or else this would be useless and they will continue attacking you.

What to Do If You are Bitten?

If you are bitten by those dogs, you should visit a hospital immediately. Stray dogs likely have rabies and it can be spread to you through biting. You can perform first-aid by disinfecting your wound(s) for at least 15 minutes by washing with soap and disinfectant. When you arrive at the hospital, inform the staff that you are bitten by dogs. If you have not received any vaccines for rabies, doctors will give you vaccines for rabies. The reason doctors have to give you vaccines is because even nowadays, there is still no cure for rabies. So, giving vaccines is the only way to prevent you from dying.

 Being chased or being bitten by dogs is not good for anyone at all. And some would be traumatized because of that. Knowing these tips would make you be able to do the right thing before you are bitten. Speaking of accidents like this, having insurance for expat health insurance Thailand is very beneficial for you as it can cover your medical expenses, making you very convenient.

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