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Four Lessons You Might Learn From Working in Hospice Care

Our pets are family members, and as such it is not only our job to take care of them when they are young and healthy, but when they are at the end of their lives as well. Whether from illness or old age or both, our pets rely on us to keep them pain free and to know when to help them to say goodbye.

Animal hospice care has come hospice care near me a long way in the last decade or so. More and more people are seeing a need to keep their pets comfortable in their last remaining days, and to be compassionate about their care.

The most effective animal hospice care occurs when it is done in conjunction with pet owner and veterinarian, and if possible an uninvolved third party. As the pet owner we may confuse our need to keep our wonderful companions alive as long as we can, with what is best for the animal. By keeping in close contact with a veterinarian they can better assess the quality of life of our pets and help us to make the right decisions when necessary. A third party can also provide an unbiased opinion based on both the medical data and the wishes of the pet owner.

Animal hospice care involves keeping an animal comfortable, pain free and enjoying life as long as possible. It may require the use of medications and therapies, but it is not meant to cure. Hospice care will most likely take place in the animal’s home, thoughmay take on this role as well. By keeping the animal in their own environment it would be easier on both the animal and the owner, as they can be together as much as possible.

When your animal is in hospice care it can be a very difficult time for everyone emotionally. Anticipating the death of your dear pet is hard, and emotions run high. It is hard to think clearly at this time but remember that your pet is counting on you to make the right decisions for him or her. Whether or not you believe in euthanasia is a personal choice and one you will need to think about when the time comes. If your pet’s suffering becomes too great, it may be the last gift you are able to provide them.


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