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Most Popular Interior Home Paint Colors – And Why

From bright hues to subtle, calm pastels, home painting can create a focal point for the space, and create the perfect mood to entertain, or simply sitting back and relaxing in the evening painter in Boston.

These are the most sought-after colours for painting interiors of homes projects. They’re also the reason they’ve become so popular throughout the country.

Popularity shifts as room function changes

When looking at some of the top colors it is important to remember that the appeal of a hue will depend on the purpose of the room, and the mood that home painter is seeking to communicate. For instance the bright orange color would not be a great color for bedrooms since this color is known to keep people awake and is more suitable for a study area for teenagers or a computer space in which concentration is required.

In this regard that in mind, there are three shades which have received lots of use for interior painting: white, reds and a variety of blue shades.


White is the top choice in the work of interior painters, due to a myriad of reasons. White is a secure color and can be paired with every type of furniture and flooring. It is possible to change the decor without worry about having to redo the paint later on. There are however certain limitations with white. That’s the reason the other colors are increasing in popularity. Experts in home design are of the opinion with the fact that too much white could give your home the appearance of a “hospital” feel – sterile and cold.


Red is a wildly well-known color due to the boldness of it and its versatility and is a fantastic accent wall. It’s great for living and kitchen areas that want to create the “activity” statement. With a hint of yellow the red is transformed into an orange hue and is able to lighten the mood , but not be overpowering. If you add a little coffee or brown hues, red transforms into dark and subdued which is ideal for creating comfortable and inviting dens.

Aqua and Blue Hue

Blues that are light and bold accent walls are extremely common in a boy’s bedroom. The bright blues and the muted blues can be mixed in the spa area to provide energy or an air of tranquility to the space (depending on the hue of blue is chosen). Blue is regarded as a soothing color and has gained popularity as the “sleepy time” color – especially the darker, more soft shades.

Accent Walls

Certain home painters break up the white monotone by adding accent walls, particularly when they aren’t looking to be overly bold with their colours. Sometimes , interior painters opt to paint an entire space in one bold color, which can be used in areas like dens and bathrooms. Living rooms are a good example, where the idea of painting the interior that includes an accent wall could make the space appear larger to make it appear bigger.

What color is selected for your interior home painting project, select colors that stand out in each space, and let you discover a new realm of interior design.

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