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The Snooker Cue Buying Guide – What to Look For in a Snooker Cue

If you have a Snooker or Pool Table, you’ll appreciate that taking care of the cloth it is extremely important to keep your table attractive, to make sure it plays well and also to keep maintenance costs down.

There are numerous ways to look after World snooker championship prize money  for your table. In this article I have included a few key points that will keep your table felt healthy and keep those frames going.

Snooker and Pool Tables have their wear and tear and naturally over time will get dirty with chalk, dust and other things. This no doubt will affect the quality of your games and make your table look unattractive. Try to cover your table which will stop debris and dust getting on to it and even stop any accidental incidents to your felt. It will also prevent the fading of your felt.

Use a table brush bought from a pool table accessories supplier to brush off any dust, dirt or debris. Always brush in the same direction from the D end (top) of the table to the spot end (bottom end) of the table. Take care not to rip the cloth. You can also use a vacuum cleaner on a minimal suction setting. Once again be careful not to tear the felt. Regular brushing will maintain your table for longer.

Keep well away from using household cleaning products and sponges on your table felt. These chemicals will cause additional damage or stain your cloth. Always go to your snooker table accessories shop and buy felt cleaner – specifically designed for table cloths.

If your balls need cleaned do not use any abrasive or rough materials. Use washing up liquid (ie fairy) and some warm water. Always dry with a soft cloth after cleaning.

Your snooker table accessories shop will have special cleaning products for your wooden or metal table frame. They can also be cleaned with a damp cloth and wiped down afterward. For leather pockets use leather cleaner. Check the product guidelines for use.

I always advise paying an expert for snooker table recovers. If you do want to tackle the job yourself you can find several articles online detailing how to.

One of the main causes of cloth damage – yes you probably guessed – is normally from a drunk guest or from an over eager shot enthusiast. Try to keep intoxicated people away and stop the semi professionals from taking that insane:-). If you can keep all food, drinks and snacks well away from the table – these end up on the table with spillages or crumbs. Smoking can make the felt smell over time. If your table has direct sunlight on it try to keep the curtains closed or as stated above, keep the table covered.


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